Japfest 15 May 2010


So it time for Tickets for Japfest, we have reserved 20 tickets These will be sent out a Couple of weeks before the Event



Date - 15th May 2010
Venue - Castle Combe Circuit


Club tickets @ £14 per person against £20

on the gate Under 14’s go free with an accompanied adult.

Each Car will also receive a club stand ticket,

If you do not purchase ticket though the club you will not get a stand ticket and will have to park in the public car park

tickets limited to FULL MEMBERS ONLY

To get tickets, you will need to send a cheque payable to GTO UK for £14 per Ticket

No Tickets can be reserved with out payment


PO Box 4951

you will need to enclose a SAE, with the correct postage (remember the post office charge more for A4 envelopes, and I suggest first class But of a size I can get the tickets in)

track time can be booked directly
1 , Simon Baker
2 , Simon Baker
3 , Maz Coppola
4 , Maz Coppola
5 , Ivan Asciak
6 , Ivan Asciak
7 , Craig Heritage
8 , Russ Cooper
9 , Russ Cooper
10 , Allen Lumley
11 , Allen Lumley
12 , Andrew Simkin
13 , Andrew Simkin
14 , Paul Ford
15 , Paul Ford
16 , Dion Jones
17 , Dion Jones
18 , Paul Wright
19, Mark Sturman
20, Mark Sturman

And yes I know some people could get the tickets cheaper BUT this does NOT include a club stand pass and was only valid until 31 Jan

I have no Idea why they are charging more for the club passes and tickets this year


any paypal options on these tickets as i don’t know where me cheque book is??

i don’t mind paying the fees :roll:


Ive heard that the track time is fully booked. Is this true do you know?


hi mate,
yes it is,not too suprised,it was up for grabs at the beginning of feb this year,well early.
booked mine as soon as it was up,
it a sell out as soon as it is on there website,

Club VR4 block books two sessions at Japfest and so it may be worth you jumping over there for tickets that arent bought within the club or other members that drop out.

We usually have a couple of spare tickets that need to be flogged nearer the time.

We find it to be a brilliant session especially as everyone knows each other on track.


Come and show us estate car owners what the GTO is all about :lol:

Hi there and are the tickets still available as keen to go and dont really want my GTO in the car park but rather with our club members

Ditto, is there a chance of more tickets becoming available?

I am hoping to come along to this as no football that weekend so will come and say hello if I can get out.

Any chance of a japfest club stand ticket?

All tickets are sold

They can be purchased on the day


whats going on with the tickets? I i have paid for 2 and when should i get the tickets ?



they normally send them to me two weeks before the event, they I will send them out


thanks i thought it was something like that cheers for the quick reply hope to see you all there :lol:

how funny is that the tickets have just arrived :shock:

All posted out today


thanks 8)

Ticket arrived today , thanks Si

Craig :slight_smile:

tickets arrived today,

Hi…Guys…here I go again…last year great, this year got to be better… get my tickets direct from Japfeast, anyone know if give a place to park on GTOUK compound? let me know…Cheers :smiley: :smiley:

anyone going on friday evening