Japfest 2 15 August Rockingham Speedway

I have a form if someone would like to arrange it

Hi guys will there be tickets available for this event :slight_smile:

can people post there names up please if we get some interest i will organise this simon

Boo, i had a good chat with one of the organisers yesterday- i would imagine he might be able to find a pitch thats a bit more ‘mainstream’ if you want! Although Rockingham is a bit of a different venue. I would imagine the clubs will be round the outside of the oval behind the stands.



Just waiting to hear if a mate of mine is free for sat the 14th and i’ll let you know. If the stand is more mainstreem that would be a bonus. I went to Castle Combe and the GTO’s were dotted around everywhere. It was my 1st time at an event like this. Great track, amazing cars and good weather to boot :smiley:

I’m interested in coming. I’ll have 2 tickets please. Now its up to you guys. It would be good to meet up with a few of you and get to know you all so come on get down there :wink:

Why no interest :?

no idea mate :?

Looks like i’m on my own :frowning: Never mind i’ll still have fun :lol: I’ve been offered tickets for £13 thats £5 off not bad i suppose. Would have been nice to meet up with a few of you considering i’m new to this sort of thing :roll: