Japfest 2014

Thank you guys for another awesome meet!
Jemma still loving how friendly … almost fatherly some of you are towards her!! :slight_smile: New location this year definately confused me!!

Thank you to all the advice about batteries today (after needing mine jump started twice!)

Thank you to Neil for convincing Jemma the fto is a good idea… Vinyl wrapped! :slight_smile:

No photos from me as the weather was too bad and phone full!

Glad you had a great time guys, very pissed off that we couldn’t make it.

Cant wait to see some pics :slight_smile:


Great day, shame about the weather but it could have been much worse. Nice turn out for gto’s today :slight_smile:


Was a good day as everyone else has said the weather was the pain this year…but here are a few pic’s of the stand

Early arrivals

The rest turned up

A couple with the GTOUK Club plates fitted

Steve Smith caught tarting up Butlers motor

Great pics Dave, looks like the weather didn’t put you all of having a good time. :smiley:


At least Steve got it central! Lol

That was Dave who did I it properly for you.

Few more pics inbetween the monsoon periods :frowning:

Great day out,
Nice to meet you all and to rub shoulders with the topgear team(and watch them on the track) dos not happen every day.Nice photos.
Craig was spot on about the traffic, not good.

Another great meet.
Thanks the those involved with organising our tickets and stand.
Looking forward to the next one!

great day

Lol that it?! :slight_smile:

It was a brilliant day, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even got some ideas about further modifications. Turbos are definitely on the list.

It was nice chatting to everyone.

Will we be organising a Japfest 2 visit?


Not sure how many posts I have left, will hopefully be able to join membership next pay day… insurance hit this month :frowning:

First time at japfest for me n was awesome seeing all the GTO’s / 3000gt’s, said hi to a few members before it got busy,
Wish I could have parked with you guys instead of with the Mazda Performance Series guys, First time meeting them n found them to be a bit hostile tbh just because I no longer had an MPS.

Was a great day though from the convoy of awesome jap cars during the journey up there to all the awesome events at japfest. Unfortunately couldn’t stay too late as we had no sleep at all in a terrible hotel nearby the night before n with the weather getting worse we called it a day.

I was the guy in the silver 3000GT driving about looking a bit lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Will definitely be going to next years

It was nice to meet you. You have a very tidy looking car!

We did all look over when you drove past and said where’s he going, but then again we said the same to dave as he drove straight past all of us after parking next to us and having a chat to another member.

welcome to the forum.

Andy (Green 3000GT)

Woodie you only get 20 posts untill you join so use them well.

[quote]Few more pics in between the monsoon periods :frowning:

Nice pic’s there Martyne especially the Top gear team.

Nice picture of gtos:



Nice find Neil!

Nice pic’s there Martyne especially the Top gear team.[/quote]

point & shoot hope for the best, from what ive read they were filming for the new series