Japfest 2015

Good to meet up with everyone today both old and new faces , really good turnout and quality of cars , well done to those guys who hit the track :sunglasses:

Had a really good day and as per usual have come away sunburnt , sorry to those wholeft before i had chance to say goodbye as myself @Butler and @Beanus were helping out Dave in the red GTO that suffered some engine probs , @benh even popped over for conformation of our impromptu diagnosis

All in all a good day bring on the next one

Craig :sunglasses:


Was fantastic meeting everyone today at my first show and first club meet.

I have learnt loads about my car and didn’t feel she was out of place at all :smile:

Love it and looking forward to the next one


Had a really good day! was nice to meet most of you!
know i didnt get round to say hi/bi to everyone which i regret!
will have to meet everyone else at the next meet which i cannot wait for! :smile:
i am also sunburnt :joy:

George (m300 ugt)


A really eventful day .

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Yes myself, Diane & Joseph all had a good day, all sun burnt & dead on our feet & just to top it all off i put £50 worth of Diesel in the GTO on the way home, a call to Fuel Medic & £300 later ( this included the £50 worth of Diesel & then £60 worth of petrol at the end) he got us going & it now seems to run better than it did before.

Cheers Julian.

Mmmm, diesel as an effective engine cleaner and perfornmance enhancer ?!

How knew !!?

It was great to see such a fine turnout of cars.

Having had to troop past the gazillions of Scoobies and other over-adorned vehicles to finally see some class.

It was a joy to behold!

The real plus point was, getting there and back in one piece having not been on the road for 8 years! The Big Red One didn’t put a foot wrong!

THe only down side is, my forehead now matches the colour of the car ! I knew I should have bought a hat! Does the club have any ?!

@Steven_Smith I paid a TEAM of Polish people to valey mine to within an inch of it’s life on Friday afternoon! Well, it hadn’t been cleaned for 8 years, so it was a bit overdue!

The only problem was, the seats were still damp on Saturday morning which led to driving on bin bags, then returning to a sauna for the drive home!!

All good now though !


I hope everyone got back safe yesterday from Japfest. What a day! Glorious sunshine, great people, good laugh and my car made it round the track without too much of a hiccup. Although I really need to decide weather or not I go for a big brake kit in future track days.

Congrats to @Steven_Smith, @gavin_naish and the others how went out on track it was great to finally see some GTO’s stretching their legs on a track.

Great day all in all and I can’t wait for the next meet.



It was a great day and nice to see so many clean good examples of gtos. It was nice to see so many gtos on track made the day very eventful. Just also want to say again a massive thank you for all the help for the work on my car to help me get it ready on time. A bit of a push on the last day but it made it. :smile:

Nice to meet some new members and good to see all the regulars, sorry if I missed anyone on the day. Cant wait to the next meet now :smile:

Thanks to @Marty_K for all the new project ideas, some really interesting ones although I am not sure @samantha will be so happy losing a lot more weekends lol



I only managed to get a couple of shots of the day, anyone with photos please get them posted:


A nice walk trough of the stand 4:30 onwards:


Seriously! I want to change my car of the month pictures.

Is that allowed? haha

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EDIT: Images moved to gallery on main site.



Perfectly placed sign. haha

Sorry @Steven_Smith


LOL I hadn’t noticed that!!! nice spot andy!


Who was the guy who blew his engine ?


It was a fantastic day and all the cars looked great. From my wanderings I couldn’t see a better stand out there (but then I am biased). Shame I didn’t get to meet everyone but I will be along to another meet soon!


Even worse since Gavin’s up my arse!

Though at least there is some evidence that at one point he had enough power to keep up :wink:

On a separate note, @DeanMarkTaylor / @NAS, is there a way to upload these photos into an album? The page has quickly become VERY long, just wondered if there was out-of-the-box functionality to free up some page length.


I want to start moving images to the website with a write up via a link. Ill see what we can do.


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There are some great image album add-ons for WordPress out there. I used one that created carousels a few years back and it looks very sleek.

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