Japfest 2016

Seems like a change of venue this year to Silverstone.
As a result, there is camping available on the sat night, with the event on the Sunday.
Anyone else up for camping at this one?
Event is 24th April, with camping available on the 23rd. Arrive on the sat from 9am.


If I am going I will camp, it looks like there will still be a Jap show at Castle Combe in May but not sure how real this is at the moment. I am in talks with them at present and will keep you all updated on this one.



I hope they manage to fill it properly otherwise it could get “lost” the size of silverstone , that said its a much safer track to take your car on

Craig :slight_smile:


Definitely a safer track to run your car.
Much better suited to the gto also. It’s a VERY fast circuit.

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I am so excited about this, never actually been to Silverstone. :smiley:

so we have the AGM the weekend before then Japfest the weekend after, could makes things difficult for some people with weekends off etc as normally Japfest was May time.

How does that affect everyone?

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Doesn’t affect me @gavin_naish, both are fairly close, ie. within 1/2 hrs driving :+1:

Terry :sunglasses:

Got Easter thrown into the mix too , going to be an expensive time , did see the organisers are planning a pass though for all 3 shows , not sure if that includes stand passes / clubs

Craig :slight_smile:

Just thought for the shift workers among us could cause some issues.

In July, we potentially have:-

Birthday Bash
Ten of The Best
Simply Japs

It’s just the way the cookie crumbles, the dates are the dates, unless it’s one we organise ourselves in-house, everyone just chooses what they would like to go to, can get to.

In our case, The Hulk seems to want to go to all of them though :laughing:

Tracie :wink:


The deadline for club bookings is Friday 18th March