Japfest 2018 pic thread

(David Perkins) #1

(Helen H) #2

Looks like a good turn out of cars and great weather too. Hope you all had a great day :blush:

(Colin Lockyer) #3

Shame you don’t spend a few of your many pounds :wink: and become a full member

(Tracy Parkin) #4


(Mike Jenkins) #5

GTOs at Dawn.
5.30am, sun just coming up, cars warmed up and ready for take off. But first…Starbucks.

Fantastic day, really enjoyed catching up and putting faces to user names after not many meets for me last year and couldn’t make it to AGM. Hoping to get to as many meets as possible this year.


(James Jones) #6

Remember for work:

I’m sorry I’m not being funny but just f€$k off!


(Mike Jenkins) #7

Brilliant :smiley: I was telling that story in the pub last night, went down a storm.

p.s. thanks for the tea, taste so much better when you haven’t paid £2.80 for a tea bag, well done that man!

Cheers James


(A Stevenson) #8

Nice to see the club out in force well done all :+1:

(Terry Wilkes) #9

Den ders dis

Terry :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #10

@stevie our Boy at 6m 37s :heart_eyes:

Good find young Terry.


(Terry Wilkes) #11

Colin’s is in there too as is another, on another vid I saw I think its Nazgto, his heavily modified one.

Terry :sunglasses:

(Jerry Gauci) #12

I was behind the hulk but he missed me​:persevere::persevere::persevere:
Jerry :thinking:

(Anh Hoang) #13

I like how the numerous Civic/Silvia/Scumbaru drivers give it large until they see that police car :sweat_smile: