Japfest 24 April 2016 - Silverstone Circuit

This is a Japanese car show. All cars on display must be a Japanese marque.

NOTE: The change of venue

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Entrance Photography

Photography-UK will once again be trading at the show!

They will be offering arrival photographs for show-goers to purchase on the day. With professional photographers situated both on the bridge and tunnel entrance they’re sure to grab a snap of you and your car as you make you way into the show!

Public Track Time

We have packed the track timetable full of public and club track sessions to take part in throughout the day.

If you’ve always wanted to take to the famous Silverstone National Circuit, you can take your own Japanese car out on track for just £35 for a 20 minute session. We have sessions to suit all abilities, so anyone can get out on the tarmac.


We’re offering the chance to camp at the event, forget the early morning journey, and wake up on site feeling refreshed and ready for an epic day at the show!

Souvenir Show Guide

The Japfest Souvenir Edition Show Guide features all the vital info you need to know about the UK’s biggest Japanese car event. There’s even more action planned at this year’s show at Silverstone, so make sure you get your hands on a copy to inform you of what’s happening and when!

Club Displays

You can expect to see even more club cars than ever before at Japfest’s new home at Silverstone Circuit!

Show & Shine

The Show & Shine competition brings together the best examples of the UK Japanese scene. Whether it’s an impeccably-detailed rebuild, quarter-mile demon or highly-tuned track weapon, you’re guaranteed to be impressed.


Tickets are now sold directly

Book Here

  1. Club members must go to japfest.co.uk/club-info to book their tickets
  2. Next, select their Club from the menu and enter the Club’s Personal Password*
  3. Proceed to select required tickets and place order
  4. Once booked, they will receive a confirmation email as proof of payment

We ask that you distribute this to your members in order for them to book their tickets and vehicle passes. Club space will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The deadline to book club tickets is Friday 18th March, subject to space availability.

If you have any difficulties, our club support helpline is available on 01959 543 724 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

We’ve got a range of tickets to suit you, If you’re a Japfest superfan then we even have an Early Bird Package for all three Japfest events saving £12 on the combined ticket prices.
• Club Early Bird Package £48 - includes show entry at Japfest and show entry and pre-show camping at Japfest Rock! (previously Japfest 2) and Japfest Motorsport Heroes.
• Club Weekend Camping Ticket £28 - includes show entry and pre-show camping.
• Club Advanced Show Ticket £18 - includes show entry.
We’re also offering Early Bird Tracktime exclusively to clubs on the famous Silverstone National Circuit at just £30 per 20 minute session, saving £5 when booked before 31st January.

That’s all folks

Just to give us an idea on number please post below if you are attending


who wants to come on the track with me?

guess we’ll just book direct but would be good if we get a few of us all on the same session.


Think I might just do a track session. :smile:


You would just get in my way, being you would be a back marker in the Chicken Fried Rice Special :vertical_traffic_light::construction:


If you turn up to any event in 2016 rob, i’ll quite happily donate my nandos budget for the year to charity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I def wanna go to this and camp out.

Don’t think I will be going on track tho x

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I might be convinced to go on the track, defo need to sort my brakes though.


Yay do it do it…


Yup yup n yup. Track time most deffo!
Never been out on Silverstone track.
Might camp too :slight_smile:


im a deffinate for this one… always wanted to drive the silverstone track :D. when and where can we pay for a camping ticket … :laughing:

Booking mine now. Did people book the same session for track time? @gavin_naish?


Trying to book this. great deal on all 3 japfest events if booked before 31st Jan. I cant find the early bird club only track time? all the other public beginner sessions are gone, and as its my first time on track dont really fancy going out there with people with experience. Especially in my n/a lol. Did anyone else find the club only early bird track time?
I have rung and asked, the lady i spoke to didn’t really know much. She said she would ring back after she found out, but she hasn’t.


Sorted it. i have booked in for all japfest, and done track time :slightly_smiling:


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I haven’t done anything with this yet, hopefully by the time I get round to doing it it won’t be too late but by all means if you need to book track time please go ahead. I’m rather behind at the moment.

Did it today @gavin_naish. Just so everyone knows. All early bird club track time for Silverstone is gone apart from advanced. Public track time is available in all 3 levels. I have booked beginner session v 15:00-16:00. For public track time dont use the link above that only shows club early bird track time, you have to go to japfest site and choose track time there.

Booked mine today I’m on the same session.


Cool @gavin_naish. Really looking foward to this.


just a bump to remind people you need to book direct this year



Can I ask how many are planning on camping over on the sat night?
I know it’s the weekend after the agm, so might put people off.
However, there are precious few camping events through the year, and I would like to do this one. I just don’t want to be the only one! Lol.

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I know this may put you off staying the weeekeend Marty but i’m going to be staying overnight. I bought the ticket this morning.