FAO all those going to Japfest on Sunday.

The deadline for Club Stand Vehicles is 9am, even with a Club Stand Pass.

Remember your tickets, on mobile phone or printed.

Your Car Pass MUST be visible upon arrival, or Japfest will not allow you on our Stand.

Have a safe journey and see you there.


Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:


Hi Tracie
I have my tickets printed but I haven’t received a car display pass has anyone else received one ?
Thanks mark

I just phoned the club display passes for stand will be sent via email on Thursday or Friday :+1:t2:

Thanks for figuring that out Mark, I’m in the same boat

these are not emailed but on the jap portal, the deatls are with the email you got when you purchased tickets

Please note your order number, 123456, please quote this if you need to contact us to discuss your order.

This is the confirmation email for your purchase. Your entry ticket(s) are attached to this email and will be checked upon entry to the event. They can either be printed or shown on a mobile device.

If your tickets are not attached please log into your booking account and download your tickets. You can also edit your vehicle details here if required.

Displaying your car
If you have ordered a ‘Driver and Vehicle Entry’ ticket or ‘Special Display Pass’ you will receive your display pass and display information no later than 3 days prior to the event. If you did not purchase this ticket but wish to display your car, please contact us. We cannot accept vehicle bookings past the deadline.


Got it, thanks!

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Thanks all printed :+1:t2::muscle:t2:

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Do i need ti get a seperate pass for a passenger?

No Pass required for passengers @george1, just a ticket, the Pass relates to the car.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

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Lovely. Thank you. Just started panicking a little thinking id missed something

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Club Map is finally up.
Club area 5, good spot right in the middle of everything :ok_hand:


Glad i checked the pass. My own fault i thought it meant passengers didnt need tickets

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good morning Tracie. How can i get this car pass? Thank you

@artur see Simon’s post in this section- you need to log onto the Japfest website and then download your car pass and print it out. You will also need to have your show tickets which can be downloaded from the same site.


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thank you