Japfest @ castle coombe

I see they are advertising this years show…

Will the club will be getting discounted tickets again?

A mate of mine had an email from them saying if he bought tickets before end of Jan and used a promo code he could get them for £11.

If I can make my car quite enough I will be up for doing JF this year.

I will be at Japfest again this year, want to take something out on track though not just watching! Last years event was really good :slight_smile:

I was considering some track time this year too. By May the car should be in the best condition I’ve ever had it - although it’s an awful long way away yet and you never know with these things :nervous:

i will be there, how do i purchase tickets?


The past few years simon has normally organised this event ,

as soon as the tickets go up for sale i will be having one , good event japfest

Craig :slight_smile:

no club details at the moment

Have seen the email from them will chase it next week

And post up what is happening


Mmm. Definitely need to make my car quieter.
According to the iPhone Decibel App (Not sure accurate that is) but my car is 114 Db’s at 900 rpm holding it 1 Meter away :ignore:

Time to add a centre box I think…

But even then I may have issues due to the screamer pipes when the wastegates open.

CastleCombe is the worst track in the UK for noise restriction.

I have a proper sound meter if you need to borrow it dude. I measured my prelude and that came out at 103db @ 3000 rpm 1m from the tailpipe. I believe the limit is 99db @ 3000rpm 1m from the pipe at coombe but will check later. Will look forward to seeing your car nemesis!

I would love to see bens car flying around coombe if the gearbox can cope with it! :lol:



im coming lads

this sounds good! im up for this event :smiley:

I’ll be going, and if I can I’ll be taking both the Gto and the prelude as my track car :smiley: I want the Gto on our stand if possible! Just hoping to get them both sorted in time! :lol:



definately count me,booked my tracktime already,12.20 and 2,20.
hope its dry.
doin some tracktime this time round,ritchie wants to come out with me, i gave it a rest last year,100db is the limit there,i just squeeze through every year,also…
ime hoping to bump into the numptee from banzai again this year,and put his camera lens where it hurts.

I will deffo attend again this year. Great day out. Nephew James will no doubt be badgering me for tickets again. Bit of a blokes day out. :wink:

Just hope we are parking where we did last year as someone pre-pruned (totally flattened) the hedge row for us last year in preperation for this years onslaught of GTOUK.

Bit of a tip here: Run towards the closed toilet block if you need a wee. Can’t believe I walked the 1/4 mile to the other toilets for a pee and missed all the goings on at the closed one … DOH! :shock:


goings on at the closed toilets ? wasnt nick and his 1 man cottaging team was it ??? :lol: :lol:

Rich… You really had to be there matie, even you would have been in awe :wink: Sadly I was just the olde uncle :shock:

Dee. :shock:

plus my member ship runs out same time as jap fest as i took it out last time i was there so can i pay for my renewal at japfest ?

Just booked my tracktime for this.

12:18 same time as you Russ. Race you! :slight_smile:

Might have to rush through plans for my TD04HL-19T upgrade!

Can’t believe it’s almost a year already. Life is so short :cry:


It runs out in April, same time as everyone else… you’ll get the renewal forms through before the AGM, don’t worry.