Japfest Classic Goodwood - 2024 6th Oct. 2024

In order to take advantage of the early bird ticket sales - i have registered the Club for this event so please follow the instructions below to apurchase your tickets:

Thank you for registering your club for Japfest Classic 2024. To book club tickets for your club stand, please use the code below:

Club Name: GTOUK
Code: JCL-137

How to book your tickets:

  1. Click here to reach the ticket page.
  2. After entering your details, please select ‘YES’ to attend as a part of a club.
  3. This will then prompt you to enter the code you were given above.
  4. You can then proceed to book your club tickets and add ons as required.

Please ensure you select a display entry ticket if you or your members wish to display their car. Public display tickets are not valid for car club displays.

CLUB DEADLINE: Midnight on Monday 9th September 2024

Please also note this event clashes with the Clubs traditional JAPshow Finale at Santa Pod so if you are planning to attend that event do not buy tickets for this event. Japshow Finale tickets for santaPod will be availible as usual via the club shop at some point in 2024.

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  1. Joe and Chelsea
  2. Mike and Barbara
  3. mark
  4. mickJ

Booked mine and Chelsea’s ticket

Likewise, me and Barbara


Booked mine.



Early Bird registration extended to end of Jan :+1:

Bought my ticket for this one, thanks @James3000GT