JAPFEST Saturday 16th May 2015

This is a Japanese car show. All cars on display must be a Japanese marque.

To enter Japfest each car will need to purchase a vehicle pass. This includes entry to the show and costs £25 per car. Each vehicle booked is allowed to bring passengers at no extra cost, up to a maximum of 4 people including the driver per vehicle. Please ensure each member completes the vehicle registration number field on each vehicle pass, failure to do so may result in refusal of entry.

There is FREE entry for up to two children aged 14 & under when accompanied by a paying adult, additional children are £5 each.

Club space will be allocated on a first come first served basis, subject to space availability. The organisers reserve the right to reallocate any space or refuse entry. It is our intention to start dispatching club packs on Friday 25th April but please be aware they may not be sent until at the latest one week before the show. To ensure your tickets and passes arrive safely, ticket packs will be sent using a trackable Recorded Delivery option for a fee of £5.

If you intend to bring a gazebo you MUST fill out the Health and Safety form below.

Club benefits

• Discounted entry tickets
• Beat the traffic with access to the show hours before the public
• Club passes providing exclusive access to display your car
• Special club offers from our Partners
• Exclusive Club competitions

Travelling Information
Japfest takes place at Castle Combe Circuit, which is located 5 miles west of Chippenham on the B4039. The circuit is clearly signposted from Junctions 17 & 18 of the M4 motorway using brown tourist signs marked with a chequered flag. Castle Combe Circuit Ltd, Castle Combe, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7EY

1 , Simon Baker
2 , Claire Sargent
3 , Mike Jenkins
4 , Neil Swindlehurst
5 , Tracy Parkin
6 , Gavin Naish
7 , Craig Heritage
8 , Mark Leach
9 , Steven Smith
10 , Max Bradley
11 , George May
12 , Andrew Benson
13 , Dave taylor
14 , Steve Butler
15 , Marty Kitching
16 , Simon Maalem
17 , Ted Bacciarelli
18 , Julian Perry
19 , Julian Perry
20 , fernley williams

I have added 5 more tickets as they where selling so well

That’s all folks


Count me in for this year :smile:


Make that 2 for Japfest


who’s racing then?

So have you seen, straight away mention track time and our good buddies at eurospec instanlty offer us a group deal on tracking for track days. Cheers @benh

Ben Hartley - Depends how many cars, lol! 10% off for 4, 15% for 6, 20% for 8 sounds good? Doesnt include unsticking stuck stuff (rear toe bushes are the worst, then camber bushes/arms)

Yet another amazing club offer from one of our advertisers.

going to pop along this year

Craig :smile:

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tracking the tractor?

I’m up for Japfest and a bit of tracktime. Where do I sign?

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Get the rear tyres pumped up drop it in 2wd and show them drift bitches how its done properly :smile:

Craig :slight_smile:


I’ll be there, hope the weather is better this year. You never know, they may have finished the roadworks on the A350 Chippenham road by then, got stuck in traffic last Japfest. Looking forward to watching the Japfest 14 Top Gear feature.

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Hopefully they have, I live In Chippenham and its a pain, my friend had a crash there last year. A skyline went into the back of him because he was looking at a police car, didn’t he @DeanMarkTaylor :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter how much you look at the road - it’s the other drivers that are always risks (or some other word that fits here).


As mentioned on facebook I am in on this. I have been the last few years in my Silvia with Rebel Motorsport. Will be good to see how you guys do it :wink:

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put me down ,it would be good to have track time as a club,i would be up for that 100% simon

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I’ll be there, but I doubt I’ll be on the track

I cant ever see us as club doing track time, as I have enough problems selling the 15 tickets

You can book directly though the website


Whoop whoop Simon :slight_smile: positivity breeds positivity! :slight_smile: :wink:

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Happy to arrange track time Simon, if you do you’re normal bit with tickets.

Shall we get a list going.

Sure Gavin

Last year it was this,

Exclusive Jap Only Track Time…

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your car around the famous Castle Combe Circuit in front of thousands of spectators. Exclusive Japanese-only track time is on sale now! Each 15 minute track session costs £35 in advance. Check out the Japfest Track Time booking page now and be quick as they do sell out fast!

I would suggest you take deposit’s now for £35 you then know how many to book when it becomes available and people can pay the balance if any

you will also need a club entry ticket,


Sure I’ll look into today, might just buy a few as you can always find people that want them.

Leave it with me.

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