Japshow 2009

i’ll be attending this on sunday 21st, weather permitting.


anybody else else up for it?

also rwyb jap cars only on saturday 20th,


Love The pod if its dry i’ll be there!



Are you sure you will be there ???

i think he’s undecided :rofl:

I will be there on the Saturday if all goes well this weekend at Shakespeare :roll:


Damnit! My post about japshow gone missing! :lol:

Im probs going. Hoping to take the GTO. Unlikely to take it on RWYB tho.

Unless i feel more confident about my Transfer box by then :lol:

I think i’ll be there yeah, unless its raining? No one attends Santa Pod in the rain now days do they?
Or is there something else on i’m forgeting? Oh and it will be the sunday for me not the saturday.


just a reminder that this is taking place this weekend guys,

anybody else planning on going sunday?

If you tell them The Jap girls Car Club will be going it might stir a few more Martyn. Lol .


Yes, we (my son and I) are going on the Sunday. We’ll keep an eye out for you fellas.


Me and Danny_c will be going on the sunday if its not raining- I will be spending the day hiding from rich :lol: :lol:

i should be along too 8)

those attending so far,

ray boreham
dj tommo
dodgemonkey +1
r zeeck
danny c

weather forecast is good at the moment 8)

Anyonne want to get a convoy going?? Some of us are meeting at lakeside then at south mimms maybe?

if your going A1M, i’ll meet you at baldock services, junction 10.

M1 for me A1 has too many caravans on it!

haven’t you got the power to overtake them then ray? :rofl:

don’t forget there’ll be alot of silverstone traffic on the M1.

Fair Point Martyn ,

  damn ok well sod that then, i'll look up another route .

Santa Pod site say you can park your car in the paddock if you want to show it? why don’t we all do that? Be a point of interest all together for people to laugh at? :slight_smile:


Martyn what time would you be at the baldock services?

Ray do you want to meet up with me & dan somewhere (lakeside/on the m25?)

Both send me your numbers so we can keep in touch in the morning!


Hi pete
lakeside is kinda going backwards from where i live but if i’m about early enough i’d go for that. i guess we going A1 now so South Mimms is bit better.
BUT i got a problem i’ve chucked my road Angel in a bin somewhere today by mistake and i’m trying to find it . I have to wait until the morning for a guy from the council. ( Long Story) . Not sure what time i’ll be sorted now! Jesus i hate me!

Will post here in the morning as i not got your mob number.