JapShow Finale 2018 Sunday 23rd September Santapod

(Jensen Richardson) #1


Another great meet on the club calender.

There is camping at this event on the Saturday if anyone would like.
Club stand positions are chosen on booking, so would be great to try and get an idea of numbers to try and secure a good placement.

If your interested please add your names to the list below.

Minimum 10 cars for club stand.
Tickets to be purchased in club shop for this one.
They will be available to purchase in the next few days.

(Jensen Richardson) #2
  1. Jensen
  2. Steve & Tracie

(Tracy Parkin) #3

We’ll be there, it’s normally a good turn out as it’s the last of the Summer.

Please guys, if you can commit now and know you are going, post up as it makes the organising so much easier for the organiser.

Thanks for sorting yet another meet Jensen, you’ll be able to have a rest after you’ve done the Xmas ‘do’ :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


(Tracy Parkin) #4

For the who know they will be going could you add your name to the list.

You don’t need to buy your ticket, they will be in the Club Shop later.

Until we have 10 names the Club Stand can’t be booked, until we have the Club Stand, tickets can’t be bought by the Club, it’s a minimum of 10 cars, so anything less the Club would loose money to book now.

Yes, it’s not till September, but it’s basically the last show event of the Season, the last one to get your car out there with the Club on our stand, normally well attended, so let’s make if a good GTOUK Finale.


(Mark Peasnall) #5

I’ll be there


(Lukasz Sojka) #6
  1. Jensen
  2. Steve & Tracie
  3. Mark
  4. Lukas and Marcin (probably)

(Marty_K) #7

Count me in.

(Jensen Richardson) #8

2.Steve & Tracie
4.Lukas and Marcin (probably)

(Jensen Richardson) #9

@markie1978 the big question is…

(Mark Peasnall) #10

Of course mate I have 2 Gto’s so one will be there

Could be this one :wink:

(Jerry Gauci) #11

Bring this one as is @markie1978 stick the number plate on.your going to open the bonnet anyway this way you don’t have to.
And the heat will dissipate quickly😁
It’s a win win
Jerry :grinning:

(Jensen Richardson) #12

You know what I meant :joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #13

So this is only 3 weeks away and at the moment we have 4 definates and 1 probably, we can’t book a Club Stand and sell you tickets in the Club Shop without a minimum of 10 cars.

Looking like this one might not go ahead which would be a shame as it’s the last major show on our calendar this year.


(Lukasz Sojka) #14

That “probably” concerns Marcin as my passanger

2.Steve & Tracie
4.Lukas and Marcin (probably)

(Lukasz Sojka) #15

So how can we sort the tickets out? Directly from website?

(Tracy Parkin) #16

We can’t book a Club Stand without 10 cars going @lukas .

I suppose without a stand you could go independently and book through the website, not sure how the parking up works with that though.


(Jensen Richardson) #17

I can look into how people can attend and if possible still display the car.
But as Tracie has said, to secure a club stand the club has got to buy 10 tickets minimum.
I’m afraid this is how alot of these events are now organised.
The club doesn’t charge any extra for the tickets sold on to members.
If an event costs £25pp and we have to book a minimum of 10 places = £250.
If we only get 5 members buy tickets the club has just lost £125 on one event.
If that happens 3-4 times in a year…

(Kevin Rhodes) #18

I’ll bring the black beauty :grin:

(Paul Read) #19

I’ll go , be good to finally meet some other owners. I’ve done 6 village and local shows this year and not seen another gto yet

(Jensen Richardson) #20

2.Steve & Tracie
4.Lukas and Marcin (probably)
6. Kevin
7. Mr. Mischief