JapShow Finale 2018 Sunday 23rd September Santapod


Wasn’t going to mention the clutch :neutral_face:
Was just hoping it would be sorted.


Club stand all booked.
Tickets will be in club shop tonight or tomorrow guys.

This is the last club show for the 2018 season.

Club stand tickets are still available if anyone else would like to attend.


Now in the club shop guys



Booked :grin::grin::grin:


Booked :slight_smile:


Hi Lukas
Do you still have 2 flags or did you pass them on at JAE?


Still have got them. And the banner.


Booked :grinning:


Can you bring your flags please mate.
You sure you have a banner? :wink:


Think lukas still has 6 packets of bacon and 2 dozen eggs from jae mate , should be able to do breakfast :joy:


Funny as :joy:


Weekend ticket paid for.
My mate, Pete, may be coming along also, but will pay on the gate if he does. Not certain.


Booked :red_car: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

( quick question - is there a chance if i will order today club T-shirt online I could pick up on JapShow ?? )


@Tracie will be able to see if we have any of your size in stock @BOTT


Yes. I will bring, they are in car since JAE, covering becon and eggs :wink:


Hey what’s the earliest we can get in on the Sunday :grin:


Gates open at 8am mate.


Link to timetable for the day :wink:


Just noticed that at the top of timetable it had 2018 date and then 2017. Not sure why.
Have double checked and it is 8am gates open.


Day for me


Just ordered mine ,see you all week on Sunday