JapShow Finale 2018 Sunday 23rd September Santapod


Start one and get the ball rolling


Japshow finale 2018 photo's


Great to see everyone yesterday.
The weather wasn’t the best but cleared up in the end.
It was a good turn out with 10 cars on show and 2 support vehicles :grinning:
Really great to meet some of the newer members and see your cars. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the day and got some helpfull info on little niggles we all have with our cars.
We are looking at meets for next year and will be posting up a list towards the end of the year.
Look forward to seeing you guys at some of these events.


Was a fantastic day out. Got to meet quite a few of u and everyone is friendly and helpful. Got some great ideas and was able to speak to individual owners on there journey of fixing/ customizing there own cars. Definitely will be coming up to the future events and see the progress. It was a shame didn’t get to see the Hulk in the flesh but I’m sure we will see it soon.

Cheers everyone


Sorry I missed this guys, the cars certainly did look awesome.

Well done to all who attended.



P.S - was horrible driving back 85 miles at 40 mph, the steering was truly messed up. But got home safe and sound :blush:


Been shutting myself in the garage the last 4 nights cleaning mine, ■■■■■■ rain got one side done


Lovely well done.