Japshow & Rd 2 of JDS

Japshow…Santa Pod…5/6 July
£20 Weekend Tickets and £12 for Sunday

If your club would like to attend and you have a minimum of 10 cars

*Only clubs who have officially booked in for a club stand at JapShow will be eligible to win the ‘Best Club Stand’ trophy and £250. The decision of the judges will be final and no disputes entered in to.

I will be traveling up on the Sunday as it is the day after I get back from the Rally for Heroes road trip.

Please put down if you want a weekend or just the Sunday ticket also how many please.


  1. Davet + 1
  2. Stevie (poss) + 1
  3. Julian (who isn’t following Stevie) + 1
  4. Rob.gtott + 1
  5. cantfindthegenepool + 1
  6. TheMadScientist (maybe + 1?)
  7. Gurteen0 + 1
  8. tedbacc


  1. Marty K
  2. Butler + 1
  3. ms8leach + 1
  4. gto simon (poss w/end)
  5. Beanus + 1


Dave Taylor 2 x JapShow - Sunday Day Ticket (JapShow) = £24.00
Adrian Feeney 2 x JapShow - Sunday Day Ticket (JapShow) = £24.00

I was hoping to go to this but its the same weekend as our big family camping weekend :frowning:


Fingers crossed we will be attending this


[quote]I was hoping to go to this but its the same weekend as our big family camping weekend :frowning:


Pity that Nas will always be other events to come along to.

Yeah dont worry I will be going to plenty this year.


Put me down for this.
I would like to do overnight sat if anyone else is up or that?

put us down dayeyyyyyyy :slight_smile:

how do we pay?

[quote]put us down dayeyyyyyyy :slight_smile:

how do we pay?[/quote]

Will get it put in the shop, are you attending the Weekend or just the Sunday?

The weekend of course :smiley:

I will be there Dave for the Sunday but remind me not to follow Stevie cos he got us lost last time :roll:


We should be going to this Dave. Weekend

Anymore interested in going to Japshow as form has to be in by end of month.

weekend please

Put me down for Sunday +1 please.


I will be there, hopefully the white car will be fully functional this time. We plan to test this Saturday and hopefully at least once more before the event.


put me down 95%yes not sure for both days or not will let you know buy end of week .simon :wink:

sunday only work commitments :evil:

Need someone to collect the banners from me for Japshow as I won’t be taking them on the rally with me and am going straight to Pod from hotel after the end of rally party.

I think I can manage that.
Pm me.