Japshow Weekend - Santa Pod

JapShow June 2008 - Sunday 22nd June
& JapShow Test Day (Jap Car only RWYB) - Saturday 21st June

See http://www.japshow.co.uk/ for more information.

Um date?


Sorry, thought that came up from the calendar form!?! its 21st and 22nd June…

I’m a car show virgin (never been to one) so forgive my ignorance.

Is there a place for GTO club members & cars inside the grounds? I’m assuming it’s just the day, we don’t need to get there the day before & require a tent? How many are there currently going?

Mike Roby
07515 753125


This show is a two day event, the first day is the japanese car only test day (RWYB) and you can usually camp overnight in between, or just go for either day. Some clubs have a club stand and enclosure just for their car type, I don’t know if GTOUK is having one, I suppose it depends on how many people are going. Santa Pod is my local drag strip, so I go quite often.

the website for all JapShow shows this year is www.japshow.co.uk

I hope to see as many other GTO/3000GTs there as possible, most of the summer weekends at the Pod are really good, it’s only the later ones in the year that tend to be a bit quiet (although thats great if you want to run your car).

See you there!


anyone planning on going to this? :dunno:

Hope to see some GTO’s at this, just a reminder it’s this weekend! C U there :slight_smile:

i’ll be there on sunday,

anyone else going to be there?

We are going if weather is ok but not in gto as trying to preserve gearbox before imminent overhaul !! :!:

Whose was this GTO at Santa Pod this weekend? Any times etc?





think it’s a guy from bournemouth, not a member :? ,

mick and tracy (longpig & skippy69) spoke to him and pointed him in Bens direction :slight_smile:



He was running low 13’s if i remember rightly