Japtuners 3rd meet Sunday 4th March

Third meeting of 2007!!! this Sunday 4th March.
Nissan sports and social club within the nissan grounds Sunderland,
A perfect location with a massive car park and a social club open to us with drinks, food, and a big screen tv for those all important football/sports matches that you need to watch or keep an eye on.

Also on site is an outdoor play area for the kids with a viewing area from the social club. Starting at around 2pm our meets continue throughout the day with a variety of cars coming and going till late in the evening.

Lets make this a good turnout people.

Last one had a good turnout.

Full meeting place address is
Nissan Sports and Social Club
Nissan Uk
Washington Road
Tyne and Wear


was down there today,the weather was crap tho :frowning:
ended up in the nissan social club for a pint and a talk with some of the guys.was a good turn out despite the weather but too wet for any pics,just one of my own car 8)
it would be good to see some club members from that area going to the meets,i travel 300 miles round trip.
going back down in a couple of months time if anyones interested :?