Jay from thailand

greetings from thailand,

my name is jay 11 years ago i sold my beloved gto when i moved to thailand as importing a car was about 800% import duty of the value of the car.however 11 years later i have finally got myself another ,image


Welcome to the club jag. Well that’s just a beauty!

thanks,much apreciated

Welcome to the club mate stunning gto but we need more than 2 pics as you will soon see

More pics… That’s lovely… Oh, and welcome mate…

Welcome, looking great :+1:

Welcome, nice looking motor

Terry :sunglasses:

it would only let me put on 2 pics as a newbie ,but more to follow

Hi Jay , its been a while

Where in Thailand are you

Ive got a Car Mad Brother in Bangkok

… Be visiting soon …

I am in phuket ,car just got a new double amp and boot build ,photos will be posted later