JDM Combe 10/06/17

It looks like this is the jap show type thing at castle combe this year.

10th June 17
Are we looking at having a club stand this year?



Car Pass includes car, driver & up to 3 passengers £15
Additional Adult Tickets £12
Child Tickets £0

happy to work with you Marty on this normally a great day, so who’s interested

1, Marty
2, Simon

Put me down, been a good day for last couple of years

What kind of event is it? I can’t find much about it

This was last years stand, good turnout :smiley:

Last year - Lots of cars (clubs), trade stalls, track time, drifters, sunshine & good company.

It seemed a lot better organised last year at the Japday than when Japfest used to do it at Combe, no huge traffic jams!


up to three passengers? i can get 1 in but where are the other two going then? on the roof?? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Put me down if You pay for the Juice Simon :grin:

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I’m in. This was a great day last year - one where the weather really made it. As mick said lots to do aswell.


OK, sounds good. Put me down please, I’ll try and make it my debut


Now in the club shop


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Paid via club shop.

Same here mate all paid :wink:

Just bought mine :slight_smile:

So looking though the booking form, it needs to be returned asap as the stands are based on a first come basis, so I will place a final booking date of 28 feb, please remember these are member only ( 2017-2018)

1, martyn kitching
2, Colin Lockyer
3, James Rowley
4, Simon Baker


Just purchased from the club shop, it has created a new user account called Jamesta1982.

Can this be deleted @3000gt?


So surprised at the lack of take up on this event sold 20 ticket in two days last year, so just checking before I cancel this but the 5 people are the final number

If people aren’t going I would love know so we can feed back to the event


The only reason I am not going to this is after silverstone I will be taking Sulley off the road for a while if all goes to plan. I will be attending some events but it will be closer ones to be honest.
Don’t know if it makes a difference to anyone else but ticket cut off date and event date seem quite far apart. Does this effect ticket sales with people not knowing if they are free?

The main reason for that is you cant book a stand without the tickets, so we need to know how many for the stand size


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Would be a shame to cancel this one Simon as I enjoyed this last year and it’s a nice country drive from mine :joy: @mickJ are you planning on coming this year?


Yep I’ll be there, didn’t realise the deadline was looming, June not quite on the Radar yet. @3000gt, Simon, paid via club shop. Thanks for the reminder guys, cheers.