JDM Combe 2018


Just looking at our Events Calendar, this one falls nicely a month after our AGM & Japfest and about a month before our Annual Birthday Bash in July details On The Forum Here.

Think you will all be ready to get back out there for this, especially if for whatever reason you can’t make Japfest in May.



Just a quick note, the last bookings are the 4th may so this is 10 days away today.

We’ve already got a few of us attending so anyone else wanting to come please make sure you book by the (4th may) as that’s the time limit for the event. I’m not an event organizer but feel like one :laughing: :joy:.


Hi guys, just a quick reminder. If your wanting to attend this event cut off for club bookings is tomorrow.


Ok everyone I will sign up for this tomorrow- anyone else coming- this has always been a good event and day out for everyone.



Booked and paid. Just to remind you all the deadline for this show is tomorrow 9th May at 9:00 am. A great day out so come along people I may even get the tea and coffee kit going :joy:


Due to my smokey turbos I’m going to stick to the local events but I might still bring the mx5 up and pop her on the track and chill with you guys for the day :grin:


Don’t worry about it bring the mx5 along can always park it behind the gto’s.



I’ll be trailoring it there on the van :grin: is there anyone doing track time there


Last chance it’s been extended.

See pic below


Today is deadline day!
Afraid I’m nursing the old boy at the moment so won’t be attending.
Hope you all have a great time.


Tickets arriving today guys, this is the area where were at. :hugs:


I am on my holidays driving back from Cornwall when this kicks off, if you would like to post to facebook from the event please pm me your details so I can add you to Admin page rights.

Thanks Dave


Stuck down at far end, :scream::scream:


If anyone who has booked and paid can no longer make this event, could you let me know as we have a member wanting to attend who would pay you for your ticket.
I will chase the organisers tomorrow to see if they can squeeze him in aswell.


Has everyone else received their ticket?
Not got mine yet.


Got mine mate


got mine over the weekend



I’m sure if it doesn’t turn up today @Marty_K @jensenrichardson can speak to Maria about the ticket because I know he’s sorting something else out at the moment and she should be able to help. Just a thought.


Let me know if it hasn’t turned up tomorrow @Marty_K and I can chase it up if you would like.


Looks like we’ll be having :sunny: Yay!.