JDM Combe 2018


Hi guys,

So as per last year’s great day, wondering if we are having a club stand this year?.

Link above for those who missed it.:blush:

This year it’s 2.6.18.


Normally a good turn out for this one Tony, a regular on the calendar so should be a good turn out.

Few pics from last year Here

Don’t get despondent if you don’t get a sudden instant influx of attendees, that’s normal, especially not that long after Xmas/New when peeps are all spent up, but it does come eventually when pockets are re-lined and the lighter nights arrive.

Thanks for organizing, every little helps.



No worries, don’t mind helping where possible :hugs:. I don’t mind getting the ball rolling.

I am however wondering looking at the site when is the best time to register for the event?:thinking: as I expect booking will be fast.


This is last year’s organising thread if it helps.

JCD 2017



I have signed up

Your club registration has been successfully sent. When your registration has been approved by a site admin you will be provided with a club code by email.

looks like we get a stand and a code to purchase tickets I will do a new post when I get the code


I’ve been to the last 3 so will try and make it again


I will be aiming to get to this as it’s always a good day.



I’ll be there, love JDM at Combe.



I’m hoping to be there, didn’t manage to make it last year as my car decided it didn’t like the engine anymore :disappointed_relieved:

However it’s coming back stronger than ever this year


Dear Club Secretary/Organiser,

Thank you for your club registration.

Your members can now purchase club passes and reduced price track time for {event}. To do this they will need to select your club from the dropdown list in the club member zone, and input the following code when selecting items for purchase.

Your unique club booking code is: GTOJDM

This code is to be used by your club members only and we request that it is not shared with third parties. (If you do not to pass this code to your members you can book the whole club stand yourself)

Full details, club & track passes will be sent out shortly. In the meantime please get in touch if you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards

Action Day Club Co-Ordinator


A member of your club has placed an order with us. This confirmation is for your records. Club Name: GTO UK Club Member: Colin Lockyer Event: JDM Combe


Club Member Zone

Home » Club » Club Member Zone


One of the most exciting way to experience Castle Combe’s Action Days is on a club stand surrounded by like-minded individuals and fantastic cars. CLUB BOOKING DEADLINE: FRIDAY 4TH MAY


  1. If you’re looking to get your car onto a particular club stand, you’ll first need a unique Club Code from an admin who has registered the club for Spring Action Day 2018.

  2. Once you have your Club Code, click here!

  3. Select your club, enter the club code and book your dedicated club passes and track time. Passes will be sent to you in the post.

If you have any queries, please speak to your club admin. Alternatively, email [email protected] or call 01249 782417.


£15 per car* (Admits the driver and up to 3 Passengers)

Club Tickets must be booked by FRIDAY 4TH MAY - After this date, we cannot make any amendments to club stands.

*Subject to booking fee


Car Clubs that book in advance qualify for significantly reduced track time slots! Enter your club code and book before 20th April to receive £5 off!

Individual Track Sessions between 9-11am & 4-5pm (booked before 20th April): £25each

Individual Track Sessions between 9-11am & 4-5pm (booked after 20th April): £30each

Individual Track Sessions between 11am - 4pm (booked before 20th April): £30each

Individual Track Sessions between 11am - 4pm (booked after 20th April): £35each

Dedicated Club Track Sessions (1 per club): £700 each. Contact [email protected] or call 01249 782417 to book.

Please note: You will be asked for your DVLA Licence number at the checkout stage of booking.



1, Colin Lockyer


Who … 16 character’s



1, Colin Lockyer
2,Tony :sunglasses:


Right guys wanted to mention today that last booking date for this event is CLUB BOOKING DEADLINE: FRIDAY 4TH MAY.

Since the booking deadline is less than a month away I wanted to mention it. :blush:


Just booked my ticket, see you there :smiley:


1, Colin Lockyer

2,Tony :sunglasses:

3, Mick J


Just booked my ticket, see you there :smiley:


1, Colin Lockyer

2,Tony :sunglasses:

3, Mick J

4, David Jenkins

5, Simon Baker


Just booked my ticket, see you there :smiley:


1, Colin Lockyer

2,Tony :sunglasses:

3, Mick J

4, David Jenkins

5, Simon Baker

6, Marty K.

Yes, one I can go to!



I’ll be booking once I get my car up and running