JDM Combe 2018


I’ll pop over in abit come see some off u unfortunately car didn’t get done in time


All here mate


I’m hoping to pop over to see you all soon ! It’s quietened down a bit now


Just seen your car on the track with the approved jdm sticker on. Looked good!


Yes well done @Colin_GTO great for the club pr… any pics anyone?


Great day guys, really enjoyed it nice to chill out and enjoyed having a laugh. Such a hot day :+1:.

I’ll upload some more pics shortly.



Cheers mate


Another great day.
Thanks to all involved in organising.


Well done mate , that bumper makes a huge difference :wink: You’ve put a lot of work into the old girl so it’s good to see :1st_place_medal:


Cheers mate and thanks to you for letting me get that mk3 front.


Sorry I didn’t see you guys today :persevere: it went quiet when I had some food and then we ended up packing up as we had another show to go to ready for tomorrow morning! Seen and spoke to a couple of you today, I said I’m terrible with names ! But I can remember @lukas ’ name, sorry everyone else ! I just have horrendous memory even though I’m young !


Great day at JDM yesterday, still laughing at @James3000GT one liners on the drive home and thanks for the tea coffee stand :laughing: Weather was scorchio, nice line up of cars, here’s some snaps from my phone…

Early doors:

No starlight lens used…

Either thats the sun or the heat from Colin’s rear turbo.

@3000gt Simon heads for the shade…

Starts a trend:

Picture of @lukas taking a picture

Tea break :grinning:

@Colin_GTO doing us proud, heading out for the lap of honour. Nice to see a GTO being recognised!

Oh…and @Marty_K s GTO was another 2kg lighter than the start, keep it going Marty and thanks for a previous forum post where you explained which way round the throttle gasket went, helped me with rebuild in time for JDM! and @bigton3000 glad youre engine stayed cool this time :slight_smile:


So guys, here’s some of my pics I’ll try and get some Vids up of the day soon. :hugs:

First thing

After setup

Then went for a walk about bumped into @reece.cambridge Mr not good with names :joy: but was good chatting to you :+1:

Found the GTO’s father

@Colin_GTO out on track :+1:

Hope you guys enjoy the pics, and @mickJ glad you made it and yes we are too :+1::sunglasses:.


Great pics! My brother will be pleased, as he is the owner of the starion.


Great photos mate :sunglasses:


Well done good set of photos.


Thanks all, here are some more pics and a little vid soon to follow as it has to go up on the old tube as i can’t upload direct to the forum unless we know a away we can or is? however @Colin_GTO and @lukas might like it :hugs: courtesy of my bro :sunglasses: it will follow shortly just want to know if anyone know’s why we can’t upload Vids direct to the forum?.

Vids to follow :blush:.


What was everyone’s names again? :rofl:


Tom, Dyck and Harry :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::scream:

Terry :sunglasses:


Excellent we have a new official photographer :joy::+1:
Now if you can just attend all meets please :joy:

Videos are utube only at moment sorry, just add link.

Cheers Dave