JDM North christmas meet at Oulton park

Hey everyone.
So for those that have never been to a jdm north meet before, we are a Japanese car club set up on facebook. You can find us here-
We run meets all over the North of the UK and the last one took place at Trafford park in Manchester, there’s some video coverage here if you want to check it out and also coverage from some of the previous meets if you check the channel-

We usually get around 300-400 cars at each event, the events are marshaled and we do have some rules.
We ask people to please put their litter in the bins, no key banging,stupid driving,burnout,donuts or whatever other Ken block style nonsense you like to think your good at :stuck_out_tongue:
This time we have managed to bag Oulton park as the venue and it will be taking place on the 30th November, for a change we have decided to do a day time meet which will start at 11am.
There is a track day on the same day so there won’t be any track time but feel free to book yourself on the track day if you want to
We’re working on having some traders there for the day, we’ve never done this at previous meets so we don’t know exactly how many there will be yet.
The marshals will also be wondering around with the JDM North stickers which are £2 each and we’re working on some hats and t shirts which hopefully will be ready in time.
There will be a small entry fee of £2 per person, all the proceeds will go back into the club to organise and book some future events like drag and drift days that we have planned.
This event is open to cars and motorbikes so feel free to come on whatever you have got and if your not in a JDM car your still more than welcome but there will be a separate parking area for you.
So if you’ve never been before make sure you come along and if you have been before you probably know its not one to be missed.
Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

There is also an event page setup on facebook for any facebook users-