Jems Recent health scare

Just wanted to update you all on Jemma.
She is now back home safe and sound after a 5 hour trip home,
In the end she required just the one blood transfusion, this means she’s strong and bounced back pretty well.
She’s still not out of the woods yet, has to go back to Manchester hospital in 5 weeks for some further investigations and maybe an op. until then she is on struck orders to rest up. Not even allowed to dog walk yet
they also discovered as well as the septicaemia she has a heart murmur only slight and they aren’t sure as to wether it is a permenat thing or if it was just due to stress on her heart because of the blood.
Thank you all for your well wishes.


Wishing her a speedy recovery mate, thats a nasty bug… lost my mum to it 11 years ago

Yeah it’s been pretty life changing, makes you realise what’s important in life, spent half last week worried Isla and I was going to loose her


Hope her recovery is a speedy one x

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Glad she is back home with you mate :sunglasses:

Craig :smile:

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look after em matey.

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Good to hear mate sending best wishes hope all goes well I nearly lost my wife to a melon sized ruptured cyst about 3 yrs ago was hell and very scared.

look after her Steve

Glad to hear she’s back home now Steve.

Wishing Jem a speedy recovery.

Tracie & Steve

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Glad she’s back home with you & Isla! & so glad shes on the mend :blush: x

Glad to hear she is home, hope she feel better soon.

Neil and Samantha