Job lot of MK1 parts for sale

Doing a clear out in the sheds and got a job lot of parts for sale i got leftover after selling may GTO
The estimated list is
front and rear bumpers in black, tailgate in red, bonet orginly in red but someone sprayed it black, front and rear suspension without the socks, komplet heating and ac matrix with fan, front drive shafts, dif with drive shafts from a 91, front subframe, 2x dashboards from a turbo in need of repair to the vent area, carpet
Not really sure what else is there
but everything needs to go and and if someone wants it and gives me a good price for it he can have the lot
I live in Southampton SO16 area

I would say I’d have the rear bumper but you’re around 2hr away

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The suspension you have is that the electronically controlled one ?

sorry all i got are suspension arms no shocks

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