Joining again soon


Hi , I was a members few weeks ago me having trouble signing in on my email. I have tried to reset email and no reply. Could someone help with this? Jensen could you call me on 07722158665 need to ask you something. Thank you


What was your original user name?


Tomgto , dave, tried logging in and resetting password mate, but haven’t recieved anything as of yet.


Hi there is no tomgto I the system, are you sure that’s correct? are you a full member.
Can you give me full name please or email you used.


tomkeep1985 is your user name not tomgto try that


That’s the one, I’ll try that this evening, thanx dave.


No problem I wont be around at weekends admin wise now, so if its a problem please lets us know and one of the Committee will pick it up as soon as they can.

Cheers Dave


Please pm me tomorrow if you are still have issues and I will deal with it .



you should get this password via email but if not @jensenrichardson will pass on the login details.


@tomkeep1985 some of your issues are that you have not renewed your subscription or been online since April, when we changed over to the new forum provider.
Unfortunately some subscriptions had to be cancelled, you will need to renew your subscription in the club shop, once you log back in.

Cheers Dave