June South West Meet 7th June


Sorry but been stupidly busy over the last few weeks so have missed pretty much everything going on.

I know its late in the day but how about us meeting up on the 7th midday to about 3pm?

New people are always welcome so why not come along and say hello??

Same place as before which is plenty big enough and does reasonable food etc. Hopefully we will get the same numbers as before which was a great turn out of new and old members.



Its off M5 J26, take the turn of the motorway roundabout towards Wellington. Follow the road to the next roundabout (about 1/2 mile and there will be a garage opposit). Take the 4th turn of the roundabout towards Taunton and follow the road for about a mile. The pub is on the right hand side and the car park is round the back.

Will be there.


I think so too


Where and what time is best to meet up Neil? Don’t know where you join the M5. Is there a layby near so we can peel off and meet, or is the next services Southward bound better?


Hi Deejay,

I could meet you in Gordano services just off junction 19 and it will take about an hour (worst case) from there, so say about 11. Does this sound Ok.


:roll: Sounds top notch to me :smiley:

My mobile is 07854-661740 incase of any problems, otherwise we will see you @ 11.00. Any chance of your mobile incase we get troubles?

You fancy a meet up too Janey?


Thanks for organising this again Dave. Sorry if i was a bit offy today but I wasn’t feeling so good, long story.


Thought you were a bit quiet, you’d have been in competition with Sam.

Hope things sort out etc.

Nice to see everyone today. Made a change me seeing Sunday morning :smiley:

Weather held out OK. Got back to Stroud To find it peeing down with rain here, so that was a bonus.

Cheers all. Dee.

It was just a silly thing really - I had a really stressy week at work and was looking forward to a nice relaxing lunch. Stopped a Sedgemore to get a paper (and have a pee) and walked into a resuscitation - some old chap was flat on his back having CPR. This sort of thing doesn’t bother me too much really being an ex nurse but the thing that got me was people were just stood and sat drinking coffee watching it all - a bit sick. My dad also dropped dead of a heart attack so I started thinking about him and how upset if i had been if that had been him as coffee time entertainment.

I didn’t want to go on about it and spoil peoples lunches.

I’m OK now and quite suprised how upset I was. Also forgot to get sponsors for my Race for Life.


Sorry to hear about that Janey, that could not have been pleasent. Great meet, glad the sun held out for us. :smiley:


Sorry to hear that Janey, you should have said something - problem shared etc etc.

Dont worry I also forgot to ask about sponsorship for Claire so were in the same boat.