Just a little intro 😊


Hi everyone, just introducing myself! I boight my Yellow 1993 3000gt 5 years ago in a bit of a tired state, drove it for 6 months to find out the problems and since then it has been off the road and slowly but surly my dad and i have been putting her back to how she should be (plus a few obvious adjustments) get more into that later… looking to be rolling again for August 1st! Im not far from Norwich on the coast so might be close to some of you lot! …Hayley x


Hi Hayley,

Welcome to the club. Let’s see some pictures of your car :+1:

There are some members over towards Norwich and we also have the JAE event in early August which is over a weekend in Norwich so you should come along and introduce yourself. Also full membership is £20 a year and will allow you access to the complete forum including the technical sections etc…



Welcome to GTOUK Hayley rare colour You’ve got there !:+1:


I have just noticed that weekend so yes i will aim to be there for sure! :crossed_fingers:




Hi and welcome to gtouk


Hi @Hayley1 welcome .love the colour , has the interior got a hint of yellow or is just the pic :+1:


Currently on way to Silverstone for the British Grand prix, anybody else going? :grin:


Hiya, Old pictures but they did have some cheap yellow covers on the seats when i first got her… took them off!



A number of us will be at Billing Aquadrome from this Friday afternoon to Sunday morning for the GTOUK birthday bash if you want to pop along



Hi Hayley and welcome to GTOUK. The food’s bad, the members worse, but I wouldn’t be anywhere else. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Car looks good.

Terry :sunglasses:


welcome to the club :slight_smile: nice looking car


Are You contemplating for a colour change Alec ? :smiley:


Haha… No, Love my Yellow beast!


Sound good, think i will probably be well stuck in here by then… the meet in norwich i will probably be there! :grin:


Welcome to the club, nice colour, not many yellow ones!! Did it used to be Martins?


Hi @Hayley1
Welcome to the club.


Welcome, you could never say 'sorry I didn’t see you coming !! :slight_smile:


lol a bit late now already sprayed more than 1/2 the car haha