Just got a GTO

Good evening, I’m looking to decode my cars vin/Id info as to origin, spec, extras ect. Which I’m having very little luck. I’ve got some info, but some contradict other info I have.
So the car is a gto but log book is 3000gt.
I have all the details

Many Thanks

If you send me the Vin number i can put it into Mitsubishi After sales sites for the Japan or Europe and see where it pops up. That should help with either GTO or 3000GT unless you have already done that?

Hi @kate1, tell us a bit about yourself, pics of your car and check out the membership in the shop as there is a wealth of info that could help. The mods will probably be all over this as introducing yourself etc in the membership section. Welcome though and good to see you’ve got the GTO bug.

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi @kate1,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

As Terry says above we do love to see pictures of peoples cars!

Also we are a subscription based club - but with that comes all the knowledge and car club events/ meetings that we run through the year.


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Hi here are some pics of the car. It’s been owned by the same person for 20yrs since its import and has a folder full of receipts. Here is the vin.
Many thanks


Here is the vin

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I will put it in tomorrow and see what it is.

Only appears on the Japanese site. Registered 31.03.93 and clasified as the picture

My UK one appears as this out of interest.

Hi all,

I think this thread has served its purpose for the newbie section.

As per club rules the thread is now closed.



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