Just putting the feelers out there


Hi all,

As per the title, im contemplating selling my old girl. My heart’s telling me not to and my heads being all grown up n stuff… So thought I’d dip my toe n see if anything sways me.

You see, I really, probably, realistically should sell her… But as fellow gto-ers, you know how I’m struggling with the idea of parting ways with her… Financially, I need to sell her, I want to clear my current debt and concentrate on getting a mortgage. I’m hoping to achieve this within 4 years and there is certainly no financial room for a gto… I can tax it, fuel it, drive it, tinker with it, and sit and stare at it but I just won’t have the spare cash to get it where I want it, where she deserves to be.

My opinion on the car is obviously biased, but any of the regulars of you will know what I have done to it from my build thread…

She has all the bits on to make her a full on 13t car-fmic, 13t tubs, 550cc inj, MAFT-Pro, walbro, hot wire kit, aero motive FPR, She pulls hard and drives well but really would benefit from a professional tune. There is plenty of new parts with the PITA timing belt service and clutch done last year (1k miles ago). Brakes done with dba discs, braided hoses, redstuf front pads (rears want doing really.

About 86k on the clock with proof of mot history for the last 13 years which is when I’m guessing she was imported. She’s solid underneath, active areo works (front jams sometimes), ecs works, front seats could do with a reupholsterer… Lots of other pros and cons but I really can’t bring myself to do a full on for sale post right now.

If anyone is genuinely interested in her then please drop me a message and we can go from there. I haven’t put a value on it yet but I have an idea of what I want although I know you guys on here know what you would pay (what you would like to pay is different :face_with_monocle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:)

To check out a lot of what I have done to her check my build thread although I have done lots more than I’ve put up on there.
Miserable, depressed, sensible jus…


Good luck with the sale fella, I’m past the mortgage married and the kids are now old enough that I can again enter the world of gto ownership. Love the car, might be a bit too many mods for me though vs the funds I’ve got to buy one. Best of luck with the sale,if when it goes ahead.


Car looks great, how solid is it underneath around the fuel tank and rear sills, rear floor front floorpan etc?
Lot of work gone in there and reckon you will miss it when its gone, why not keep it tucked away and get back to it later on when finances have moved on and would you get back what you have put into it?
I think a car like that would sell between 4-5.5k but probably worth more certainly to you so???
Good luck whatever you do.


Swaps :joy:
Good luck mate be sorry to see you go, you’ve been a great active member helping when and where you can.

If it’s what’s needed now then you can always come back, choose what is important to you.



Thanks guys

I’m not decided yet tbh. I suppose the purpose of the thread is if someone made me a decent offer I would really have something to think about. I even gave the same advice to allie many moons ago about storing it… I absolutely love these cars and I also enjoy working on her…

The Mrs tells me not to be so hasty as she knows what it means to me and the work I’ve put in. She also tells me that I need it as a bit of a break away and a stress relief from work.

Shes a good solid car underneath with all the bits you mention relatively rust free. There is some small surface rust near the passenger rear drain hole.

I’m not going anywhere yet unless someone makes me an offer I would struggle to refuse and yeah she is worth more to me than I’m going to get… The chances of that is probably quite slim and I’m not creating a for sale post just yet…

We’ll see what happens but for the time being I’m going to drive it an enjoy it…



Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but that’s part of the reason I’m reviving this thread… I’m actually going to be selling my old girl. It genuinely hurts to write that! How do I edit the title?

Massive turn around at work and I’m actually in a better financial position to keep her and work on her, but with the life path I’m going down I’ve simply not got time for my gto. I’ve said to myself I want to spend more time with my young family this year and also get out on my mtb more. This means the gto will set there longer just going to waste and I really don’t want that.

The funds will be going straight on a caravan so if anyone was thinking of selling one to buy a gto I’m your man for a swap :joy::joy::joy:

My thread above will give some info on the car along with the link at the bottom of that. Since then I have changed the front seats for un ripped leather (thanks for those @lukas) and changed a sticky rear caliper.

I started it the weekend to take out for a blast but have a split fuel pipe. So at the beginning of Feb I will be doing the following things and won’t sell on to anyone until I have.
2 braided fuel lines
New plugs, oil and filter.
The crank pulley has the squeak so I’m probably going to change that 2.
Fresh mot and a tune which is booked in at the end of Feb.

I also have a full set of poly bushes which I got through lukas so if anyone wants those I’m happy to sell on.

I’ll not be putting a proper add up until I’ve done the bits - so end of Feb-but the purpose of this is to let everyone know and create some interest.

I’m happy for anyone genuinely interested to come and have a chat and look at the car any time you want and will have the fuel pipes on next weekend so it’ll at least be running.

Sad sad day, and have been holding back posting this but gotta get it done.

Thanks folks
Jus :cry::sob:


Here’s some pics of her last year. ! Just a wash n polish needed _20180623_123034|690x428


Hopefully will stay in here Jus !


this the sort of car you looking for ? read the build thread to see what has been done better than a bit of paper for history :slight_smile:


Look @CDMH he wants a caravan :+1::joy:

Good luck with the sale @justinmandeville



I’d definitely be interested once the work is done, pm me with what price you are thinking of.