Just saying Hi (& WANTED)

Just saying Hi.

Recently purchased my first GTO.

Got stitched up as I was told the clutch had gone, turned out to be the transfer box which has a hole in it where the bearing tried to get out!

I joined mainly to try and source a 6 speed manual TT Transfer box so please get in touch if you have one for sale.

[email protected]


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Oh dear not good to hear, do you know it’s for defo the transfer box or just a part in it.

Also any pics of your car?


Yeh, transfer case it cracked where all the internals have failed and tried escaping.


Hi and welcome to GTOUK , sorry to hear your having problems already , hopefully it will be sorted quickly for you


Craig :grinning:

Welcome mate only know of 5 speeds being broken at moment sorry

Is Tristan still breaking that mk2? I think he may have a transfer box for sale.

Oh welcome to the club.


hi and welcome to the club

you’ll probably find someone selling a transfer box in the classified section and any other parts you may need along the way, i think its accessible to full members only but trust me its the best £20 you’ll ever spend if you own a gto :slight_smile:



I saw Tristan had one for sale. Paid him £200 and he’s refusing to post it. He said he would post it Friday, didnt post it and totally ignored my messages for 2 days. As soon as I opened a paypal dispute against him he messaged me within minutes! He’s now refusing to send the part and said last night he would refund me but I haven’t got the money back yet.