Just saying “Hi”


It was good to see you again Mick and good to meet Emma. Thank you for the compliments on my car…there does seem to be a few around us now. By the way…your imaginary dog was very well behaved :joy::joy::joy:


Welcome! Both cars look great but I particularly like the silver. :smiley:


Welcome to nut house


Hey look what I have :laughing:


That’s an antique lol


Hey Helen look what I’ve got :smile:


Damn keychains are breeding :joy::joy::joy:


Believe me when I say they are not rare , I used to look after them and send them out , we had ruddy loads of them , I’ve still got a few for myself and the bag moved on to pastures new


Yeah thanks for that Craig, we have the odd 200 :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I’ve only managed to nick 3 so far :joy:


Are these few spare coming this weekend to Jalfest? :laughing:


We have mugs ( no Craig Don’t say it ) reduced to clear.
T shirts, GTOUK wrist bands, bandanas, usbs, dunno if @stevie had any keyrings



will bring the keys rings to AGM/Japfest. along with T Shirts Mini T Shirts anything really I can sell :slight_smile:



Ooh ooh take my car then :joy:


Craig . Steve said anything he could sell not give!!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


They breed like Blue GTO’S :joy:


Was there a 3000GT keychain ever made and if so does anyone have one to sell? :blush::blush:

@DavePerkins I have a question…what’s the hold/auto switch for? Never come across this on an auto before?


Glad I bought a white one then :joy::joy::joy:


The hold button is pressed when you have been driving it for a while Helen.
The seat then moves to hold you as you cry like a baby because you realise it’s auto and missing the turbos. :joy:


Lmao…love it :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t mind the fact it’s an auto without turbos. There’s a lot less on it to go wrong that’s for sure, compared to my 3K. It’s even got something my 3K hasn’t got and that’s the active exhaust. 245 tyres make the drive interesting though