Just saying “Hi”


I’m Helen and I’ve owned my silver ‘97 3000GT for nearly 7 years now. Today I became the proud owner of a white ‘95 GTO as well.
The new car also came with a GTOUK keychain😊


Hi and welcome to Gtouk :smiley:


Hi and welcome to the group you won’t regret it
Great people on here :grinning::grinning::grinning:
Good looking cars :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome to GTOUK nice cars :+1:


wecome to the club :slight_smile:
nice looking cars :slight_smile:


Hi Helen
Welcome to the club, great looking cars there, both seem very good condition, glad you found us, our AGM next weekend.


Suprised you didn’t get the SPIDER model Helen :wink::joy:


Welcome to GTOUK @helen_h :+1:


Haha no I’m good with the one I bought. Drove her over 100 miles yesterday and she drove like a dream. Gives me time now to get the 3K sorted as there’s some work I need to do on her so she can come off the road for as long as is needed.

Does anyone recognise this?



Welcome to the club. I don’t recognise the cars at all. There has been a few silver 3k for sale recently but you’ve owned yours a while. Where abouts in the country are you?



I have the same key chain on mine too, but was the previous owner that acquired it.


Well worth £20 them :joy::+1:


Jerry :grinning:


Hi Helen,

You return once more :slight_smile:
Good to see you here, you know it makes sense.



Hi James. My silver one came from Poole in Dorset and the white one came from Swansea. I’m in Wootton Bassett just outside Swindon.

Come on Dave…be nice :joy::joy::joy:

Hi Steve. Hope you and Tracy are well. Yep I’ve returned but you know what I’m like with clubs etc. I’m pretty useless :joy::joy:


Late, but never ignoring these posts, lovely looking cars and welcome.

Great bunch here but you know this already, as Steve says.

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Helen,

Welcome back, hopefully catch up at a meet sometime :wink:



Hi and welcome back to the club


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :blush:


Hi Helen, nice to have so many GTO/3000GTs in the space of a couple of streets! Good to catch up again, it’s a fabulous looking car. It certainly stood out when me and emma were walking our imaginary dog last night :sunglasses:

Mick :grinning: