Just saying “Hi”

(Helen H) #1

I’m Helen and I’ve owned my silver ‘97 3000GT for nearly 7 years now. Today I became the proud owner of a white ‘95 GTO as well.
The new car also came with a GTOUK keychain😊

(Mark Peasnall) #2

Hi and welcome to Gtouk :smiley:

(Dave Soper) #3

Hi and welcome to the group you won’t regret it
Great people on here :grinning::grinning::grinning:
Good looking cars :+1::+1::+1:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #4

Welcome to GTOUK nice cars :+1:

(Alec Shewan) #5

wecome to the club :slight_smile:
nice looking cars :slight_smile:

(Jerry Castle) #6

Hi Helen
Welcome to the club, great looking cars there, both seem very good condition, glad you found us, our AGM next weekend.


Suprised you didn’t get the SPIDER model Helen :wink::joy:

(David Perkins) #8

Welcome to GTOUK @helen_h :+1:

(Helen H) #9

Haha no I’m good with the one I bought. Drove her over 100 miles yesterday and she drove like a dream. Gives me time now to get the 3K sorted as there’s some work I need to do on her so she can come off the road for as long as is needed.

Does anyone recognise this?

(James Jones) #10


Welcome to the club. I don’t recognise the cars at all. There has been a few silver 3k for sale recently but you’ve owned yours a while. Where abouts in the country are you?


(Roddy Hepburn-Wright) #11

I have the same key chain on mine too, but was the previous owner that acquired it.

(David Perkins) #12

Well worth £20 them :joy::+1:

(Jerry Gauci) #13

Jerry :grinning:

(Steve Parkin) #14

Hi Helen,

You return once more :slight_smile:
Good to see you here, you know it makes sense.


(Helen H) #15

Hi James. My silver one came from Poole in Dorset and the white one came from Swansea. I’m in Wootton Bassett just outside Swindon.

Come on Dave…be nice :joy::joy::joy:

Hi Steve. Hope you and Tracy are well. Yep I’ve returned but you know what I’m like with clubs etc. I’m pretty useless :joy::joy:

(Terry Wilkes) #16

Late, but never ignoring these posts, lovely looking cars and welcome.

Great bunch here but you know this already, as Steve says.

Terry :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #17

Hi Helen,

Welcome back, hopefully catch up at a meet sometime :wink:


(Jensen Richardson) #18

Hi and welcome back to the club

(Helen H) #19

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :blush:

(Mike Jenkins) #20

Hi Helen, nice to have so many GTO/3000GTs in the space of a couple of streets! Good to catch up again, it’s a fabulous looking car. It certainly stood out when me and emma were walking our imaginary dog last night :sunglasses:

Mick :grinning: