Just wanted to check I wasn't underpaying



I signed up via the club shop late last year and set it up as the Paypal subscription.
So I payed £20 in September 2017, I was expecting to have to pay £20 this April, but the subscription says the next payment is due April 2019 !

So… would you like a cheque, or will you update the Paypal subscription for me, or will it just all work out magically some other way? :slight_smile:

Love and hugs,


Hi Dan love n hugs back…
We will keep an eye on this :+1: Automatic subscriptions will start soon and we are still putting some settings in place.
Last week we had a few problem testing it so hopefully it will all go smoothly now come April.

Thanks for your consern and bringing this to our attention.

Dave :kissing:


Omg that was really sensible :rofl::persevere:


just looked at my paypal says next payment 30th march 2019 :confused:
start was oct 2017


Dealing with this now for you guys, your correct it is incorrect information, will keep you posted.



Mine gone out Saturday 20.91from PayPal.
Jerry :grinning:


got a email from paypal to say that my membership subsciption payment was canceled so got a new one today :slight_smile:


So we have had a problem with the automatic renewals

If you have had yours cancelled please read this post



its good its worth the money :slight_smile: just there a few that might get the email about the subscription being canceled that said it above just thought would update it a bit if they didnt see the one in your link :stuck_out_tongue:


@Silverfox you are one of the ones affected by this, your subscription has been cancelled, please use the club shop to repurchase club membership 18/19

Thanks Dave


I’ve signed up again, hopefully it’s all gravy this time :smiley:


Thanks Dan, and thanks again for pointing out something that’s actually been going on since 2014/18 :+1:
Say no more… :moyai: