Just wanted to say hi

Hi there, i’ve just bought a non turbo MK2 Gto, very pleased with it. Just wanted to say hi and ask where abouts do i sign up for new membership and how much is it?

I would show some pics but it won’t let me post them for some reason.

Kind regards, Matty

Welcome to the club,
To post up pictures you need photobucket or similar.This link should help,
Details on joining the club are on the front page using a cheque, but you can do it by paypal with details from “CDMH” Craig.
until then any help you require just post up.

Thanks for the reply Rob.

Here are a few pics of my GTO




Welcome to GTOUK Matty,

very nice looking motor you have there buddy.

PM CDMH for details on how to join mate


Looks very tidy mate, nice looking wheels.

Hello and welcome!! Looks like a very clean example.

Hi and welcome to the club Matty and nice looking car.

Obviously the best colour and year, good choice. :wink:

The Red Mafia seems to be getting bigger…hope your heads don’t :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


The Red Mafia seems to be getting bigger…hope your heads don’t :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :)[/quote]

Nothing wrong with us commoners :lol:

Thanks for all the comments guys, really enjoying driving it :slight_smile: