Keep an eye on the horizon for a stork!

hello folks, would like to share my great news with you all! me and my wife Nik are having another baby!!! this will be number 2, we already have a beautiful little girl called Morgan and shes 4. :smiley: :smiley: we’ve been trying for over 2 years now and just had it confirmed at the hospital that Nik is pregnant again. had to go to hospital for an earlier scan ( than the normal 12 weeks for first scan) because there have been complications along the way but they told us today that the baby is fine and healthy and roughly 7 weeks along. we are both over the moon and cant wait. baby is due sometime in september but hopefully we shall have a more specific date after the 12 week scan. only trouble now is trying to figure out how im going to shoe-horn a child-seat and a baby-seat into the back of the gto :twisted: only joking, ive got a mondeo as backup !!! well id better go now but il keep this updated as we go.

john, nik and morgan

Excellent, congratulations and good luck for the rest of the pregnancy.

Mark. :smiley:

Congratulations to you both.

Wicked news John…

Now Emma & NIk have something to natter about while we talk cars :lol:

Wishing you both a smooth and pleasent pregnancy guys, let us know what you got when you know…we find out on Friday for sure.

All the best
Elton & co

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya John,

Hows thing buddy…when’s the next scan ? Gotta be soon now :smiley:

Our house looks like a ‘Babies R Us’ Depot now…had a grand worth of stuff delivered today (already) :oops:

Keep us informed buddy

Elton & Co

congratulations to the 3 of you

group buy on gto baby seats.congrats :smiley:

thanks for the congrats guys :slight_smile: me and the missus are well chuffed. we’re doing good but little morgan has just caught chicken pocks and nikki has never had them before so she is a little bit worried :frowning: doctor says that now is the “best” time to get them as the babies organs are already starting to form and its not during the critical stage when the organs fully develop.

next scan is in about 3 weeks time but no date yet. went to midwifes appointment today and she thinks that the baby is 9 weeks and not 8 like we thought.

hi elton, how is everyone? love the names youve picked out :smiley: you soon realise just how much a baby does cost dont you :shock: luckily we still have pretty much all of the stuff from when morgan was born so shouldnt be too bad this time around.

hey scoob hows tricks? i already get strange looks when people notice morgans pink car seat in the back or when i park up in tesco’s parent and child space. quite funny when you see other people scowling at me and their thinking “who does he think he is using that space in his little sports car” and then morgan jumps out :twisted:

been kept busy for the last week as we have just got a little puppy :slight_smile: well i say little but really hes huge! its a german shepherd puppy that we’ve named kaiser after german footballer franz beckenbauer (i think thats how you spell it hehe) he was biggest puppy in the litter at 5lb odd, next biggest was little over 4lb. hes just a big bundle of fur but hes great fun. chases you everywhere, bites everything and loves his cuddles. when i get a minute il get a photo or 2 on here.

well i think thats enough of my ramblings for now, catch you all later :slight_smile:



hi folks just a quick updated,nik went for 12 week scan to find out she is 13weeks 3days, everything looks good, nice heartbeat, baby is due sept 11th!!! finally told morgan she is going to be a big sister, shes really excited, and keeps asking for a brother AND a sister,lol

john,nik and morgan

great news buddy,

Glad Nik and baby is doing well. Morgan will be well chuffed when she has a little un running around to play with.

get them scan piccy’s up when you can.

All the best

heres the pics as promised

1st pic at 8weeks[email protected]/bump2/DSC02078.JPG

2nd pic at 13weeks[email protected]/bump2/DSC02165.JPG

cheers elton, morgans really excited, keeps telling everybody she will be a great big sister, hows emma doing? the boys ok?

oops :oops: didnt realise the pics were so big hehe

[size=24]COR BLIMEY !! GOT A 42 INCH PC MONITOR ??[/size]
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Might be best to re load them for a 15 inch monitor so we can see :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

There ya go John… :lol:

All are well this end buddy…Will pm ya soon.