Keep having to log back in

Recently when browsing the site I keep getting thrown back to the login screen. Doesn’t matter if I tick the rememember me box, it still throws me out after about 5 minutes of use.

I have AOL which I know is causing problems with other parts of the site. Is anyone else having this problem? Do you know how to stop it?

ditch AOL :lol:

I’m tempted, trust me! Seems to cause nothing but trouble!

At a guess it could be you got cookies turned off or your cookie has some how become corrupt.

Not sure where in the AOL browser the options are, but make sure cookies are on, and if they are try clearing them out, you may find a few sites asking for info again after you clear it out.


If its of any help I’m on AOL and have no problems but I don’t use AOL’s browser :wink: