Kent meet Sunday 15th November all welcome

We will be meeting at the Maidstone services Junction 8 on the M20 at 12.30 to leave at 1pm
ME17 1SS (google maps )

We will drive in convoy to a pub in Smarden called the Smarden Bell. Link to pub, with map link attached…TN27 8PW

We will have lunch and the usual natter with a generous amount of banter again no doubt

All welcome to join this growing meet… usually 20-30 people turn up :shock: :shock: .

[size=18]PLEASE PLEASE[/size] tell me if you coming so i can sort out with the pub.
They kindly block off our own section to park so our cars don’t get touched or damaged and give us a great big table to sit together and chat.

[size=24]If you are coming please add your name…and if you need to pull out, let me know so i can amend numbers.[/size]

October Meet

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Fastbikes76
  2. Silver Surfer
  3. ???

me and tara, im sure ma dad and henry will come down aswell

Sorry Guy’s, we won’t be able to make this month’s, it’s my Dad’s 65 birthday bash. We can’t miss that! :lol:

We will see you next at months xmas meet.

Rich :slight_smile:

  1. Fastbikes76
  2. Silver Surfer
  3. Sonicattack + family
  4. ???

Sorry boys, got my head in the books for my exams in December. No playtime for me till they’ re over…bad times…

oooooh, sounds fun, let me check my diary.

Would love to pop over and meet the gang.


I’m working again :?

I’ve got a weekend of days (06:00 - 18:00), followed by a weekend of nights (18:00 - 06:00) followed by 2 weekends off, but the last couple meetings unfortunately all fell on my working weekends :cry:

Cheers for the pm Elton :wink:

Unfortunatly I wont be able to make this one- got a new car to pick up on the day :frowning:

I’ll be there 8) 8) 8)
Just remember to wait for me at the service station :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So Sorry Mr Elton, Sheila & I cant make this one :frowning: . Hope you all have a great time. Roll on December.

[size=7]pssssst… Pete says change weekends so we can all make it?![/size]

:lol: :lol: :lol:

i will be there thanks for the nod elton :smiley:

Cheers for the PM Elton
I’m helping someone on a job this weekend if i get away early enough tomorrow i’ll turn up . But to be straight its 50/50.

So can’t give a definet yes sorry.