Kent Modded UK

its back this year dew to problems 2 years ago its only a 1 day avent now so … have a look and see what ya think… P.S im not organising it

it’ll be september 11th-13th at old warden, beds for me then :smiley:

Tis a sad Day when modded Uk is a 1 day event! tut tut tut no tents no drink no blonde bimbo models to chat up …

But hey i can do a 1 day bash!

As this is nearly in my back yard ,(as so to speak ) i will have to go to this.

Be rude not to Bob, and i think i will do the wkd one in Sept. This show pushes all the right buttons for me.

And pogo i think to. Cars Beer n Babes what else is there?


Im keen for this too.

The old 2 day event was the best car jap/modded car show of the year. sad that its been reduced.

But still a good day it will be . But Sept one will be a blast i bet!


I maybe up for this, just depending on what shift I’m on.
Not sure bout Dan :lol: