Kent Run 2008

One of my favorite Pistonheads runs is just confirmed for the 17th of august.

The Kent run is a 100 - 140 mile run amongst some of the best roads in Kent (and surrounding counties) with a huge group of sport/exotic cars, and will include a coffee/breakfast stop and at the finishpoint there’s allways a very nice BBQ.

Some pictures from my last kent runs :

And a movieclip made a cellphone, i´m the first you´ll see fly by (in the red Celica) but only because the 355 Spider and the Noble in front of me were too fast to be caught on camera :

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I’ve been on about 5 of them in the last couple years and always really enjoyed them.
August might seem a bit far away but the last Kent Run (usually 2/3 a year) was only last week.

Normally the entry list closes at 100 - 110 cars, however it’s now temporarly closed at 40 cars (already filled up, and the topic only just opened yesterday) as the orginiser is going away to Le mans.

Once he gets back the entry list will reopen untill the max. number of cars has been reached.

When i posted pictures of last PH run on here several people said the be interested when the next one comes up so i thought i’d give a heads up.

If you’re interested in joining let me know and i’ll add you to the list (if ur not on PH yourself) as soon as Jay (the orginiser, which i know personely as well) gets back from his Le Mans trip.
Would be nice to see a couple more GTO´s in the run.

Bugger I’m away in South Africa, but deffo up for one another time,


Might be up for that, keep us posted.

im up for that im in kent anyway so it be rude not to… also it prob be last run of the year as i go on hoiliday the next day (18th) and im missing the main show :frowning: so put my name down for this and all i can do is hope i can keep up :slight_smile:

I’m definately interested


I was fine in my 2.0 N/A so you should be fine in your 3.0 one :wink:

Just follow a group of which you like the past.

In my first kent run i started of in a group with much faster cars (couple noble’s, elise’s and 2 porsche’s) who were really pushing it and i had trouble keeping up, so i just stopped on the side on the road and waited for about 10 minutes till another group came by and joined them.

Well, I can’t find reference to this on Pistonheads at all. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there somewhere.

If you put Kentrun in the search engine i’m sure you’d find it :wink:

Anyway, here’s the link to the thread :

It looks to have closed at 41 to me, unless you know different?

It was temporary closed at 40, because Jay (who organised it) was about to go to Le Mans so he said 40 on the list now, and the rest has to email the adress listed and he’ll add them when he gets back.

He’s a bit busy at the moment (new job) but he’ll be adding the rest of the people to the list soon.

So nope, it’s not closed at 40, just email the adress listed and you’ll be fine :wink:

Well, I’ve sent an email to Jay at the hotmaill addy, we’ll see what, if anything, happens.

Did you send the man an email Jason? I think you have to.

I know Jay personally so you can always just tagg along with me to the start point if you won’t get a reply. I’ll go past Dartford getting there. :wink:

Excellent run, yet again. Same Danny’s 3000GT had some problems 50-odd miles into the run so he had to bail out.

Hope it’s all fixed for the next one! :wink:

At the start between 5:30 and 6:00 :

And then we were off :

First stop, Maidstone services. Photo is a bit blurry but wanted to upload one which had Danny’s 3000GT in it as he had to bail out not long after unfortunately, hope ur car gets fixed soon mate.

And we’re off again :

Fuel stop :

And when everyone started to pull out on Military road this grey vectra came flying in and wasn’t happy he had to slow down…

Small break at the usual stop :

And behold… the sun came out : :clap:

And the finish, were we enjoyed a well earned (as it’s ■■■■■■ hard work on some roads when it’s pouring down with rain :D) BBQ :

Good job on the pics karim, nice to see you again!
What i top run, shame we had issues with dans car- the part that let us down?..the alternator fuse! Fixed that and we were back on the road again!

Up till then we were doing the 3000GT boys proud- monstering the carrera 4 that was in front, scaring the guy in the tuned ST who was behind with the 4wd drifting (he made one of his passengers sick while on the run!) and just having a blast all the way- Some really good roads to be driven on!

another run comming up at the end of the month, when dans car is in phase 2 of tuning- should be interesting! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

pete 8)