Knackered old 5 speed gearbox (Maybe not so knackered)

I thought I’d put my old gearbox on here before I weight it in for scrap. It’s a 5 speed Getrag box that I bought second hand but it has lost 4th and 3rd is temperamental. Also reverse has to be held in or it just pops out. I believe it came out of a GTO originally but it was fitted to my mk2 3000GT.

I’ll keep it for a few weeks in case someone is looking for one to rebuild.



** Updated 26/02/11 **

I’ve just found out that this box might not actually be knackered!! (Apart from the output shaft of course :oops: ) I have since found out that it was my clutch vacuum system that was causing a lot of the problems. I’m quite happy for someone to try the box to see if it works before paying for it.

Any offers?? Otherwise it goes on eBay or the boot of my Mazda when I weigh it in.