Knocking at bottom end

Hi I’m new here and I baught a non running manual non turbo gto I’ve managed to get the engine running but there is a knocking/ticking noise coming from bottom end any ideas as what it could be and the best way to go about fixing it

It’s possible that you’ve spun a bearing - if it’s a knock from the bottom end. It’s a fairly common problem with these cars. What does your oil pressure gauge show ? These cars also suffer from lifter tick - but this wouldn’t appear to be coming from the bottom of your engine - so as much as I’d like it to be only that problem for you, it doesn’t appear likely. Wishing you good luck with your project. Put up some photos - someone might recognise your car and provide you with some knowledge on its history.

This is my car aparently has been stood for a few years it only has 59k miles on it oil pressure is fine can the bearings be done with engine still in car?

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Derrick - if it’s bearings the engine would need to come out.

Any idea on how much something like that would cos at a garage?

Hi Derrick welcome to GTOUK first and best thing to do is signup for full membership so You can access all technical data, info and how to section in the forum, well worth it !

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Thanks I will do

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If the big ends are gone it’s not economical just to replace them as bits from the shells would go round in the oil galleries,oil cooler etc so a lot of parts would need replacing really to avoid any further disappointment.