L222 gto


L222 GTO are they a member on here? Just seen it driving while i was out at work a nice red 3000gt by the looks of it. Didnt realise there was another in stockport :slight_smile:


Spotted again today… the lads just borrowing it off a friend as he wrote his fto off 2 weeks ago he said… ouch


If my mate wrote his fto off and then asked to borrow my gto…:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
No chance mate :joy::joy:


Even if it was a really good mate and he desperately needed a car, I would lend him lils or go and buy a scrapper with a couple of months mot for him to use :joy::joy:


@jensenrichardson can I borrow your GTO, “what do mean No” so you’ll buy me a scapper then :rofl:

Waiting, delivery asap, not Rob style :joy:

You were saying :kissing_heart:



Looking for you now.



Well that’s just not kind is it Jensen :sob:



Last time I lend mine out


That was pristine until you started looking after it Jensen :wink::joy::joy:


Hahahaha :joy::joy: