Lamda sensors

Anyone know if 98 TT has dual lamda sensors? If so were they on each bank?
And is their still something in the exhaust?

My '94 3000GT has them in front and rear exhaust manifolds. There’s nothing in the exhaust.

If I’m not wrong the 3000gt UK version has 2 (1 front and 1 rear bank) and the gto import only one in exhaust just before the cat unless I’m mistaking.

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My MK3 GTO definitely only has 1 just before the CAT as Jerry says - the 3000GT has at least 2 one near each turbo- forget it there is one near the cat or not will have to look under the red one when I have it in the air soon.


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So, uk cars have two and imports have just the one.
What about the overheat cat sensor? I think that was only on imports?
All my wiring diagrams only show two 02s and no cat sensor. (3000gt circuits)