Last Few bits ....(Updated 18/07)

Unexpectedly back up for sale after buyer pulled out :-


You will see from the engine section of the forum I’ve had some major issues with the car. It’s not running and I can’t make it over to you.

I’m very,very sorry to mess you about, the best thing is to let it go to one of the other club members who were interested mate.
I don’t normally let people down, sorry again!

Sorry again*

[size=18]FMIC and pipe work.£400 [/size]

Also available :-
[size=18]Copper Head Gaskets £75[/size]

[size=18]Walbro fuel pump £60 (Sender already gone sorry) [/size]

[size=18]Following ALL SOLD[/size]

[size=18]Alloy rad -[/size] SOLD

[size=18]Maft pro c/w boost control and k&n filter, modified intake bubble, usb to serial converter all cd’s and instructions. Supplied brand new by Rob - never fitted. £495 [/size][size=18]SOLD [/size]

[size=18]13Ts - basically brand new, done 200 miles. £450 [/size][size=18]SOLD [/size]

[size=18]Aeromotive AFPR with 6AN fittings & modified fuel rail £100 SOLD [/size]

[size=18]AEM gauges in triple gauge pod (AFR with Wideband sensor, Fuel pressure & sensor and boost (sensor still at M&S Motorsport) £300 [/size]

[size=18]RC 550CC Injectors, approx a year old but only done 300 miles £300 [/size][size=18]SOLD [/size]

If someone aint got the thousands for the whole lot then…

I’ll take the tubs please mate…

AND a couple of other bits if we can come to a deal! :lol:


Thanks for all the interest guys - I’ll reply to all the PMs soon as I get chance today.

I’m interested in the Turbos too…

If the FMIC and pipes are up for grabs if not selling as a whole package let me know.

What make is it and will it fit behind the crash bar?

cheers daz

[quote]If the FMIC and pipes are up for grabs if not selling as a whole package let me know.

What make is it and will it fit behind the crash bar?

cheers daz[/quote]


I have no idea what make it is - it came from MSASSOON’s car when he broke it for spares. His GTO was a Mk1, so i see no reason why it shouldn’t fit ? It’s heavy and the welds are neat and tidy, so i dont think it’s a cheap one. I’ve never fitted it to mine, as I said i was collecting all these bits to do one big upgrade, but events have spoilt that … :cry:
If you want to be sure - PM MSASSOON and ask him, or speak to M&S motorsport because they fitted it and removed it for him.

OK - not everybody is going to agree with this, but at the end of the day I need to try and recover as much of my money as I can (I’m not Santa Claus !)

I’ve had a serious offer of £1050 for the 13t’s, MAFT and injectors. Unless anyone wants to better that by midnight tonight - they will be sold. If you do want to make an offer please do it on here, not by PM - that way it’s fair for everyone concerned. :smiley:

Ok ta I’ll check with him first, if it fits behind the crash bar I’ll have first dibbs.


I’ll take the walbro and sender please!


[quote]I’ll take the walbro and sender please!


Yours mate.

Oohhh its 2am almost… That’s gotta class as WELL after midnight lol. Someone’s grabbed some go faster goodies!

would like the fpr please

[quote]would like the fpr please

You will need to find a plug to fill the hole where I’ve removed the fuel pressure sender unit that goes with the gauge.

Payment details PM’d - I’ll let you know how much postage will be tomorrow.


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Did the pump sell after?

Pump still available - sender sold separately.

Sensible offers on the FMIC anyone ?