Latest version of Discourse


Right we are now on the latest version of Discourse, we were on the Beta version whilst with our previous hosting company.

Sorry for any inconvenience whilst this was backed up and installed. Although this was only minor a few minutes :slight_smile:

Thank you @skl



Excellent we are no longer a test mule for other people or their business , great work folks :sunglasses:


You’re welcome @stevie, as I said you’ll remain on the stable branch of the Discourse release schedule from now on. It’s just that we needed to wait for the 2.0.0 stable release before I could switch you over from beta, otherwise I would’ve done this earlier :slight_smile:


As long as the Forum works well, not like yesterday, I say a round of applause for everyone concerned. I say yesterday as I couldn’t do an update to my silver rebuild.

Hey guys, onwards and upwards. GTOUK is now for ‘real’ people.

Terry :sunglasses:

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