Leather Seats (ending Friday night) and New AEM FPR - ALL SOLD

Hi guys,

I’m selling a pair of leather front seats out of a late mk1 3000GT. The driver’s bolster needs patching but feels solid and they could do with going over with dye, however the sliding motor works fine (I stupidly forgot to check the other adjustments). They’re on an auction ending on Friday night, currently sitting at 99p!

I am also selling a brand new AEM FPR that I bought from Amber Performance before buying a breaker that had an FPR already. Only opened to check Amber Performance had put the fuel rail adaptor in the box (it only took them two months to get it fabricated…).

£140 on the 'bay, £130 posted if you message me on here before buying.


Those seats look familiar… :scream:

They’re not from a Blue Mk1 are they?..

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No they’re from the red mk1 with rough paintwork that Beanus had.

Thank god for that. It has a very similar bit of damage on the drivers seat that my old girl had. looked back at my old pictures and it does look different when i compare them side by side. The cracks/scratches are identical though. Sorry to bog up your thread.

Still keeping tabs on Yuki Max? Can’t you get details from the DVLA?

Terry :sunglasses:

No problem. I bet your heart skipped a beat!

I did try one route but it turns out it was the wrong process so I got the correct one and applied through that. It can take up to 40 days and no guarantee of a result so will have to wait until i get a response that way. I just want to know where she is and that she is safe! haha. And maybe in a couple of years buy her back if the missus lets me! :grin:

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The seats end just after 11:30pm tonight and they’re still on 99p!!

All sold, can a moderator lock the thread please?