Leather Seats for sale

I have a set of leather seats available.
Mk1 Seats.
They are in 2 tone grey leather.
They were done by Lol Smith, so the quality is superb.
There is a little but of wear on the drivers seat.
Matching gear surround and handbrake surround included.
Rears are not currently in the car but are included in the sale
Looking for £425


Thats a steal for a lol smith quality interior


Would these go into a Mk2? And would I be losing anything over the standard Mk2 seats by fitting Mk1s? I’ve never sat in a Mk1 so have no point of reference.

Depends on what controls your drivers seat has - if it’s electric motors to move back and forth then you’ll lose that with these seats but they should fit regardless, i fitted mk2 seats in my mk1 and only controls lost we’re the lumbar and side motors from the centre console control

Thankls - I’ll have a look when I’m back home and figure out what the current seats have by way of electrics.

The only difference between MK1 and MK2 seats apart from the covering is the earlier seats didnt have the ability to have power forwards and backwards adjustment.
The MK2 seats have another plug underneath them to add an extra input power to the seat

All the other controls are the same on all seats

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My MK1 drivers moves forward and backward electrically

As Rob said the early MK1 seats were manual sliders for the first couple of years they then changed to electric sliders on the MK1

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That would make sense with mine being a '92

These are Mk1 seats.


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