Lesson learnt

Ok where do i start. Well i had heart attack Monday night, not a pleasant experience. I have always been one of these people who ignore things. I have high blood pressure, high cholestrol and i smoked. But always thought i will do something about it tomorrow, that has bitten me on the arse big style. Lesson of the day~ if ya don’t feel right get checked :smiley:

Hope your feeling a bit better now Lorne

Good advice and i think we are all guilty of doing the same , ignoring things or putting them off .

Take care

Craig :slight_smile:

Good to hear you are okay. Hope you are on a better path now.

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.
Get well soon

Glad you’r ok. Take your car out for trip, will cure you quickly :smiley:

Cheers for the messages guys, unfortunatly I aint allowed to drive for 4 weeks :frowning:

hope you have a speedy recovery fella

Get well soon and hope you have a speedy recovery :wink:

Soory to hear that mate, have a good rest and take it easy. In four weeks you can take the motor for a spin and see how everything is holding up! You and the car. :slight_smile:
Get Well Soon,

Sorry to hear about this, hope you feel better soon Lorne. Hope it isn’t long until your back in your car after all the effort you took getting together.


Thanks again for the messages guys. I am on mend and now only 2 weeks before I can drive again. Going to hospital tomorrow and me girlfriend is driving me car. I am a bad passenger at the best of times, I may need blindfold tomorrow. To be fair to her though she is a better driver than me so I am sure all will be well :smiley: